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Start Where You Are!

        I have gone back and forth about how to start this blog off on the right foot hundreds of times.  I have so many hopes, dreams, and aspirations for where this blog can take me and those that choose to join me on this journey.  I came to a place where I realized I … Continue reading

Urban Pl8 Chillin'

Eating Out…Eating Healthy

        I’ve been gone for a while, and I apologize to all of you guys that have come to expect regular post from me.  I cannot tell you how crazy the last month of my life has been, but know this, you can’t get rid of me.  I love you guys, and this healthy lifestyle … Continue reading

100+….I did It!

        It’s official!  I have lost more than 100 lbs. from my heaviest weight ever of 342 lbs.  It has been a long journey and I am ecstatic about how far I have come, but I am even more excited about the journey yet to come.  I put things in perspective, and use the scale … Continue reading

Herb Encrusted Salmon w/Arugula Salad, Broccoli, and Purple Sweet Potato

Any of you that have followed my blog from the beginning may notice a theme .  I love Salmon!  It is such a versatile type of fish.  Because it is rich with healthy fats, it stays moist and is excellent source of nutrition.  Paired with nutrient dense broccoli and refreshing taste of arugula, this was … Continue reading

Protein Piña Colada

Spring is here, which means delicious tropical frozen drinks are certainly apropos.  I love the ocean, and wish that Atlanta was proximal to a large body of water.  I figure if I am not at the beach, I can bring the beach to me.  So this past Friday, I mixed up a little concoction of … Continue reading

I Am Inspired!

So today I was just surfing through my instagram wasting time, checking out the happenings of the day, and I came across this powerful image.  One of my good friends, my little brother in Fitness, and one of my inspirational sources posted this collage of his Grandmother getting her workout on. Let me tell you … Continue reading

Why I Do This…Today’s Reminder.

This is my life’s purpose right now, and I was just reminded why I am grinding hard to better myself everyday.  I do this for you, I do this for my future children.  I do this for my family that look at me as a role model.  I work hard to inspire others to do … Continue reading


Color Run, My First 5K!!!

Hey Guys and Gals, I’m Back!!!  I missed you, and am sorry for the neglect.  This week I have been absolutely swamped because I just started a new job, but I am still training, and I just need to tell you what I am doing.  I have been incorporating running into my workout for some … Continue reading

CrossFit Decoded…An Introduction

So, if you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that I have mentioned this phenomenon called CrossFit a few times.  I actually tried out a new CrossFit gym (b.k.a. “Box”), CrossFit Around the Corner in Atlanta.  http://crossfitaroundthecorner.com/  Today’s workout has inspired me to post my broken down explanation of what CrossFit really is, … Continue reading

This is a workout that I found while searching Pinterest for inspiration.  It is very similar to a *HIIT workout that I did recently.  I will most definitely try this workout in the next couple of day, and I will let you know how it goes.  I have no doubt that it will push me … Continue reading

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

12 Things Happy People Do Differently. Just a reminder that health is not just a physical state.  Work on your mental and spiritual health as well in order to find true happiness.  ~A.J.~ Related articles 12 Things Happy People Do Differently (thepursuitofhappiness2.wordpress.com) Happy People (coca-cola.com) Think Differently about Happiness (psychologytoday.com)